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Use of your information

We need to collect certain personal data to provide you a better service. Those below allow us to keep in touch with you to show you our newsletter, write your invoices etc …

Other activities and information

All information provided to Pixel Retouching such as your name, email address and a password account address etc. are safely stored in our database and used only for access and use our site. None of your information will be sold or provided to third parties.
You may at any time terminate your account and contact us to clear all information you submitted to us via your account. In case your account will be in possession of those credits would be lost following the closure of your account by you. Consider that the deletion of your account some information may remain during archiving or backup on our server as information for the bills we have to keep our accounts.

Public information

Your photos subject to Pixel Retouching  server and edited / editing images embedded derivative are not accessible to the public, unless you have explicit consent to:

Sent your photos on our server are not accessible to the public, unless you give us a written agreement to use your photos to promote our site as:
• Shareyour photos Pixel Retouching your social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc..).

• Post your photos on the official portfolio ofPixel Retouching and receive credit as a reward for reward GPixel Retouching

You should carefully consider how you use these options.

financial Information

All payment transactions are handled by third-party companies that secure our transactions on our site. At no timePixel Retouching able to ask your payment information outside the module payment directly to our site.